PsiTriangle Engine™ :: Creating Geometrical Worlds

Geometrify is Powered by the PsiTriangle Engine™

Geometrify is Powered by the PsiTriangle Engine™


  • Custom Inhouse Built 3D Sacred Geometry Engine
  • Based on a previous engine developed for http://GeoKone.NET
  • Built from the ground up, with C++14, Lua & OpenGL 4.
  • High Performant & Highly Customized
  • Complex, fractal, recursive, highly dynamic geometry scenes calculated on the fly using modern GPU features like geometry shaders
  • Fine tuned to deliver the accuracy and performance that is required to blow your mind
  • Virtual Reality support since day zero

Why a custom engine ?

In order to deliver the results required, we need to understand the whole rendering process. Our use case is highly custom, involving mostly dynamic geometry, while most game engines are optimized towards static geometry and animated meshes, while our use case requires generating highly complex dynamic geometry scenes with high frame rates.

We also feel that we need to own the whole stack of code. There is a certain feeling of responsibility towards what this kind of technology will be used for. Working with sacred geometry is powerful, and we feel we need to be responsible towards in what contexts this kind of technology will be used.

Achieving effects on the state of awareness is finicky, and requires careful and exact manipulation of many variables to achieve the wanted frequency that affects the viewer in any manner. We need to be able to control everything exactly as we need in order to achieve that.