We launched OmniGeometry :: 2D Sacred Geometry Application

Launched Update! In March 2017 we launched, which is the new name for GeoKone.NET, the spiritual predecessor for Geometrify. OmniGeometry is an application for creating sacred geometry art in 2D. We are currently focusing on creating a native, desktop version of OmniGeometry, creating the ultimate sacred geometry tool for professional artists and geometry […]

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Sneak peek of our Sacred Geometry 3D Engine :: Download Demo for Mac OS X

Recently we (Sakari, CTO of Geometrify and Imre Peemot, our good friend, musician and throat singer) released a demo for the Skrolli -magazine party here in Finland, showcasing an early version of the Sacred Geometry Engine we are developing. Downloading this demo and running it on your computer you will get a chance to see […]

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